Recently Digitized Collections, September 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
30 September 2021

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find September’s list of recently digitized materials to explore in the Church History Catalog, such as a letter from W. W. Phelps to Warren Parrish—and, by extension, also to Oliver Cowdery and Zerubbabel Snow—urging Parrish to come to Nauvoo and be reconciled with his former friends. “We are all little children as to the great things of eternity,” Phelps writes, “and when we begin to play and hurt one another we ought to have humanity and good sense enough, not to always act foolish, but to settle the matter by forgiveness, and ‘be friends.’ Such a course would be genteel for this world and angelic for the next.”

All the following collections feature one or more items that have been digitized and are available for viewing online. For some collections, login may be required for access.

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