David Emanuel Law (1845 - 1922) Profile

David Emanuel Law

David's death certificate shows that at the time of his death, he had lived in Beaver, Utah for 66 years, which would make his arrival in Beaver about 1856. He registered with the Utah Territorial Militia while living in Beaver in June, 1856.  This was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration from the East, so he would have arrived in Utah by 1855.  A secondary source states that he spent time in California before coming to Utah, but that has not been confirmed.  If he came to Utah from California, he could have arrived in 1856.  Further research is needed to determine the year of his arrival in Utah and the name of the pioneer company with which he traveled. 

The 1880, 1900  and the 1910 Utah census records show him living in Beaver, Utah.

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David Emanuel Law (1845 - 1922) Profile
David Emanuel Law (1845 - 1922) Profile