Dorothy Pectol (1829 - 1917) Profile

Dorothy Carrell

Alternate Names
Dorothy Carrell (Married Name)
Dorothy Pectol (Birth Name)
Birth Date
On 1829 October 8 (Born)
Death Date
On 1917 July 2 (Died)

Circumstantial evidence from genealogical, newspaper, and church ordinance records proves the Carrell family came to Utah in 1851; they had a child born in Iowa in March 1851 and then her husband had a patriarchal blessing in Manti, Utah in August 1852, which would have been before the immigration of that year.

In 1851, at the time of her rebaptism, she was living in the Salt Lake 19th Ward.

Her birth and death dates are confirmed by the Utah State History Cemeteries and Burials Database.

Her surname is listed as "Carl" in the 1860 Utah census.

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Dorothy Pectol (1829 - 1917) Profile
Dorothy Pectol (1829 - 1917) Profile