Elizabeth Cousins (1830 - 1908) Profile

Elizabeth Cousins

Elizabeth, traveled overseas via the ship Kennebec, arriving in St. Louis on 19 March 1852. The first record of her in Salt Lake is seen when she is rebaptized in the Seventh Ward on 3 October 1852. Though she traveled in an 1852 company, it is uncertain which specific company she was a part of.

Elizabeth's parents and siblings traveled overseas earlier, arriving in New Orleans on 7 April 1851, via the ship Ellen Maria. Family sources indicate that they spent a year in St. Louis, met her there when she arrived, and traveled across the plains together.

The surname is sometimes spelled "Cousins."

At the time of her death her surname was "Brown."

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Elizabeth Cousins (1830 - 1908) Profile
Elizabeth Cousins (1830 - 1908) Profile