Samuel Cousins (1839 - 1891) Profile

Samuel Cousins

The Cousin family came to America in 1851 via the ship Ellen Maria.  The ship manifest shows their surname as "Couzins." Family sources indicate that they spent a year in St. Louis, met daughter Elizabeth there when she arrived in 1852, and traveled across the plains together.  Further research is needed to determine the name of the pioneer company with which they traveled.

The Public Works Index places the rest of the family in Salt Lake City by 20 September 1852.

Samuel later participated as one of the rescuers that were sent out in the winter of 1856 to assist the members of the Church stranded in Wyoming. He also was an out-and-back teamster in the Murdock company in 1864.

Samuel's birth date is confirmed by the Lehi Ward records, where he was rebaptized on 1 April 1857.

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Samuel Cousins (1839 - 1891) Profile
Samuel Cousins (1839 - 1891) Profile