Ellen Flatt (1853 - 1914) Profile

Ellen Flatt

Birth Date
On 1853 January 13 (Born)
Death Date
On 1914 August 20 (Died)

An entry for Reuben Perkes states that Mary Ann Botright (Mary Burthwryte) traveled to Utah in 1868 with the Simpson Molen company. Mary Ann married Ellen's father (Jonathan Flatt). Family Tradition and Passenger lists state and indicate that Ellen, her father, step-mother, brother, and step-siblings traveled together.

Ellen was referenced in an entry for her husband Robert Reeder in the book, Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah. It was stated that her father, Jonathan Flatt came to Utah with the Simpson Molen company.  

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Ellen Flatt (1853 - 1914) Profile
Ellen Flatt (1853 - 1914) Profile