Jane Sargent

Evidence from genealogical records, census, and church ordinance records proves that the Paquet family traveled to Utah in 1850.  Martha Ann was born in Iowa 25 January 1850.  The family appears on the 1850 Utah census, which was taken in the Spring of 1851, and Charles was rebaptized 11 May 1851, which was prior to the arrival of that season's emigration.  Further research is needed to determine the name of the company they traveled with.

Jane was rebaptized while living in the 19th Ward in Salt Lake City.  The ward records and also the Rebaptisms in the Great Salt Lake City both show her birth year as 1851, but her obituary shows her age at the time of her death as 31 years.  This confirms her birth year as 1837.

Her birth and death dates are confirmed by the inscription on her gravestone, which shows her name as "Jane Sargent Wilson."  Her obituary also confirms her death date.

All of the census records show the family's surname as "Packett."

She came with her mother Achsah Copley Sargent Packett.

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