Jens Hansen Kofoed

He came with his father and his family on the ship, Westmoreland in 1857. As with most of the Kofoed children, he is listed on the report as traveling with a family different from his own, in this case the Andrew Homer family. Surname is listed as "Kofod" on the emigration report.

Birth and death dates listed were found in a personal, online family history record (such as Family Tree, Ancestry, or My Heritage), without accompanying documentation.  Further research is needed to verify its accuracy.

The family came on the ship, Westmoreland in 1857. The family consisted of: father, Hans, mother, Cecelia and children: Anna Elisina, Christian Anthon, Else Kirstine, Hans Peter, Jenss Hans, Johanna Margreta, Josephina Brigh, Mesellia Christina and Wilhelmina Fredrick. 

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