Matilda Jane Nease (1828 - 1865) Profile

Matilda Jane Nease

A wife of Jefferson Hunt.  In the spring of 1851, a census taker found Matilda and her one year old daughter Sophronia with the Charles C. Rich/Amasa Lyman party en route to San Bernardino, California (Sophronia, along with other Hunt children, was misidentified as a "Stoddard" in this enumeration.)  In 1858 Matilda and her children (Sophronia, Julia Ellen and Olive Isabella, the latter two born in California) returned to Utah.  Along the way, at Parowan, Matilda gave birth to a son, Thomas Jefferson Hunt.  In the 1860 census Matilda and her children were living in Ogden, Utah.  Matilda died and was buried at Millville, Utah; her grave is unmarked but there is a memorial marker for her next to the grave of her husband at the Red Rock Pass Cemetery in Idaho.

Birthdate confirmed using A List of the names of the inhabitants of the Utah settlement, 1849 June 7.

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Matilda Jane Nease (1828 - 1865) Profile
Matilda Jane Nease (1828 - 1865) Profile