Nathaniel Hanchett (1830 - 1903) Profile

Nathaniel Hanchett

Nathaniel is listed in the Silas Richards company records as "D. Hunchitt." He was a driver for the company. He was rebaptized in Salt Lake City on 14 April 1850.  His baptism record shows his name as "Nathaniel Hautchet."  

At some point he continued on to California but returned by 1861. It is likely that he and his family arrived to Utah in 1856 or 1857 since his daughter, Augusta, was born in California in early January 1856. Several secondary sources on Family Search suggest they came to Utah in 1857. Further research is needed to narrow the year of travel for both trips and identify the companies with which they traveled.

The 1860 Utah census shows his name as "Hanset."

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Nathaniel Hanchett (1830 - 1903) Profile
Nathaniel Hanchett (1830 - 1903) Profile