Soren Nelson (1803 - 1896) Profile

Soren Nelson

His birth date is confirmed by the inscription on his gravestone and the "Idaho, Southeast Counties Obituaries, which also confirms his death date.

Soren, his wife Christiana and their family crossed the Atlantic on the ship John J. Boyd arriving in New York on 15 February 1856.  

The obituary of their daughter Teany Thomas says they crossed the plains with a handcart company in 1856.  History of Bear Lake Pioneers suggests they may have come with the 1856 Canute Petersen Company. The roster for the Peterson company does show that a "Soren Neilson and family" traveled with the group but review of the company records reveals that this was a different family. Additional research is needed to confirm the company with which this Soren Nelson family traveled.

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Soren Nelson (1803 - 1896) Profile
Soren Nelson (1803 - 1896) Profile