Thomas Grover

Birth Date
1807 July 22
Death Date
1886 February 20
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Born in Whitehall, Washington, New York

1807 July 22

Baptized by Warren A Cowdery

1834 September (Age 27)

Member of Nauvoo High Council

1841 January 19 (Age 33)

D&C 124: 132 At Nauvoo, Illinois

Served in Northern States Mission

1844 October 8 (Age 37) See Missionaries
Mission Type
Marital Status
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Nauvoo, IL
Additional Notes

CR 100 160: called to fill a mission at general conference at Nauvoo, Oct 1844 (no place given) Journal History Oct 8, 1844 Thomas Grover selected with men from the High Priest's quorum "to go abroad in all congressional districts of the United States, to preside over branches of the church" Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia: Mission area, residence, married Served a total of 3 missions from 1840 - 1844

Served in New York

1874 October 10 (Age 67) See Missionaries
Marital Status
Plurally Married
Priesthood Office
Residence When Called
Farmington, Davis, Utah, United States
Set Apart By
Geo G Cannon

Death in Farmington, Davis, Utah Territory, United States

1886 February 20 (Age 78)
Thomas Grover (1807 - 1886) Profile