Thomas R. Burns

Thomas R. Burns was a member of the Mormon Battalion.  According to a report of William W. Willis, Battalion leaders held a council near Santa Fe on 25 November 1846 and "decided that Brother Brazier, who was sick, should have a mule, that Thomas R. Burns, being an able-bodied man, should remain with him to take care of him, and that they should proceed as they were able, until they  could reach Mr. Turley's, at which place I determined on leaving those that were not able to cross the mountains to Pueblo.”

Norma Ricketts contends that Burns returned to Winter Quarters in 1847 with three others from the Mormon Battalion Sick Detachment who did not go to Utah ("The Mormon Battalion," page 251).  Clearly, he was in Utah by 3 August 1848 when he was charged with stealing cattle from Oregon emigrants near Green River.  Minutes of the trial mention that his wife Rebecca traveled to Utah with him in 1848. At a public meeting in Salt Lake City in March 1849, the Court ordered that he be made to work to pay a fine.

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