1837 June 4
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The British Mission was the largest mission in the Church during the nineteenth century. For many years, the President of the British Mission also held the title of President of the European Mission, which meant that he supervised the presidents of the other missions in Europe. This changed in 1928 when the European Mission president began no longer directly operating the British Mission.

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On 4 June 1837, Heber C. Kimball was set apart to open a mission in England. Over the next few days Orson Hyde, Joseph Fielding, and Willard Richards were called to join him. The first missionaries to England arrived in Liverpool on 20 July 1837.

The first branch in England was organized in Preston on 6 August 1837.

Mission Founded

1837 June 4

Heber Chase Kimball Called as President

1837 June–1838 April See Missionaries

British Saints Emigrate


The first group of Church members emigrating from England, 41 in number, left Liverpool on 6 June 1840 under the charge of John Moon.

Brigham Young Called as President

1840 July–1841 April See Missionaries

Parley Parker Pratt Sr. Called as President

1841 April–1842 October See Missionaries

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Mission headquarters was moved from Manchester to Liverpool in 1842.

Reuben Hadlock Called as President

1843 September–1845 April See Missionaries

Orson Hyde Called as President

1846 July–1847 April See Missionaries

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The Welsh Mission was discontinued in March 1854 and reabsorbed into the British Mission.

Asa Calkin Called as President

1858 May–1860 May See Missionaries

William Budge Called as President

1878 June–1880 November See Missionaries

John Henry Smith Called as President

1882 October–1885 January See Missionaries

Daniel Hanmer Wells Called as President

1884 December–1887 February See Missionaries

Welsh Conference Meeting

1896 December 27

Attended Welsh Conference Meeting, Cardiff, Wales.

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Mission home located at 10 Holly Row, Fairfield, Liverpool, England.

Heber Jeddy Grant Called as President

1903 November–1906 December See Missionaries

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The mission home, known as Durham House, was located at 295 Edge Lane, Liverpool, England.

George Albert Smith Called as President

1919 June–1921 July See Missionaries

James Arno Kirkham Called as President

1920 July–1921 December See Missionaries

Orson Ferguson Whitney Called as President

1921 May–1922 November See Missionaries

James Edward Talmage Called as President

1924 October–1928 January See Missionaries

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The British Mission was separated from the direct management of the European Mission president at the end of 1928 and August William Lund was the first president of only the British Mission.

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Beginning 1 January 1929, mission headquarters were located at 23 Booth Street, Handsworth, Birmingham.

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Mission headquarters moved in 1932 to 43 Tavistock Square, London, England.

James Henry Douglas Called as President

1932 January–1934 December See Missionaries

Joseph Jenne Cannon Called as President

1934 November–1937 September See Missionaries

Hugh Brown Brown Called as President

1937 June–1940 January See Missionaries

Clifton George Mercer Kerr Called as President

1955–1958 See Missionaries
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