1850 June 18
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The French Mission was organized 18 June 1850. It was closed in 1864, though missionary work did continue under the direction of the other missions in Europe. On 15 October 1912 the mission was reorganized, but it was closed two years later, on 18 September 1914, due to the outbreak of World War I. A few years after the war, the French Mission was reorganized from the Swiss-German Mission and the Netherlands Mission in December 1923. It remained open until World War II, closing on 14 December 1939 due to the war. On 23 April 1946 the mission reopened once again.

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John Taylor Called as President

1849 October–1851 December See Missionaries

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Publication of Étoile du Déséret began in May 1851 and ran until April 1852. Le Réflecteur began in 1853, but ceased by the end of the year. The French translation of the Book of Mormon, overseen and completed by officers of the French Mission, came off the press in January 1852.

Mission Founded

1850 June 18

Curtis Edwin Bolton Called as President

1851 December–1853 October See Missionaries

Andrew Losee Lamoreaux Called as President

1852–1854 See Missionaries

William Cameron Dunbar Called as President

1854 December–1856 July See Missionaries

George Dennis Keaton Jr. Called as President

1855–1858 See Missionaries

Mark Barnes Called as President

1858–1859 See Missionaries

Louis Auguste Bertrand Called as President

1859 September–1864 June See Missionaries

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When the mission was reorganized in 1912 it encompassed France and the French-speaking inhabitants of Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy. This boundary included the branches of Lausanne, Lyons, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Paris, Neuchatel, Geneva, Liege, Seraing, Verviers, Brussles, and Lille.

Edgar Bernard Brossard Called as President

1912 October–1914 May See Missionaries

Benjamin Francis Howells Called as President

1914 May 10–September 18 See Missionaries

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During a meeting at Lausanne held 20 August 1923, it was decided to unify the French-speaking areas of the Swiss-German and Netherlands Missions into one mission. When the French Mission was reorganized on 1 December 1923 it encompassed France, Belgium, and the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

The mission home was located at 12 Avenue de la Gare des eaux-Vives, Geneva, Switzerland.

Russell Henry Blood Called as President

1923 December–1925 August See Missionaries

Ernest Crabtree Rossiter Called as President

1925 July–1928 September See Missionaries

Golden LeGrand Woolf Called as President

1929 December–1933 June See Missionaries

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In 1931, the mission home moved to Rue Saint Cloud, 40 bis Ville d'Avray, France. It moved again in 1934 to 37 Ave., du General Serrail, Paris, France. In 1936 it was relocated to 65 Rue de Campine, Leige, Belgium.

The mission was closed on 14 December 1939 due to World War II.

Daniel Joseph Lang Called as President

1933 May–1936 January See Missionaries

Octave Frederick Ursenbach Called as President

1936 January–1938 July See Missionaries

Joseph Ephraim Evans Called as President

1938 June–1939 October See Missionaries

Gaston Chappuis Called as President

1939 August–1940 September See Missionaries
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