1853 April 15
No dates given.

The first missionaries arrived there in Spring of 1853. At different points part of the Scandinavian, British, and European Missions. Placed under the Denmark Copenhagen Mission in 1975.

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Johan Peter Lorentzen Called as President

1853–1854 See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1853 April 15

Magnus Bjarnason Called as President

1873 May–1874 July See Missionaries

John Eyvindson Called as President

1879 April–1881 July See Missionaries

Einar Johnson Called as President

1888–1890 See Missionaries

Thorarinn Bjarnason Called as President

1893 December–1895 August See Missionaries

Halldor Johnson Called as President

1898–1900 See Missionaries

John Johannesson Called as President

1900 August–1903 December See Missionaries

Lofter Geslison Bjarnason Called as President

1903 March–1906 September See Missionaries
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