1850 May 11
1905 July 1

Organized 11 May 1850. Renamed Danish-Norwegian Mission on 1 July 1905 when the Swedish Mission was created. Many people and records would continue to call it the Scandinavian Mission for a few years.

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Mission Founded

1850 May 11

Mission Organized

1850 May 11

The mission was organized with Erastus Snow as its first president. The mission covered Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden and was headquartered in Copenhagen. 

Johan Erik Forsgren Called as President

1852 March 4–December 20 See Missionaries

Willard Trowbridge Snow Called as President

1852 April–1853 August See Missionaries

Carl Charles Widerborg Called as President

1864 April–1868 September See Missionaries

Jesse Nathaniel Smith Called as President

1868 August–1870 July See Missionaries

Canute Peterson Called as President

1871 April–1873 June See Missionaries

Magnus Bjarnason Called as President

1873 May–1874 July See Missionaries

Christian Grejs Larsen Called as President

1873 May–1875 June See Missionaries

John Eyvindson Called as President

1879 April–1881 July See Missionaries

Niels Wilhelmsen Called as President

1879 April–1881 August See Missionaries

Nils Christian Flygare Called as President

1885 September–1888 October See Missionaries

Einar Johnson Called as President

1888–1890 See Missionaries

Christian Daniel Fjeldsted Called as President

1888 October–1890 September See Missionaries

Edward Heinrich Anderson Called as President

1890 September–1892 September See Missionaries

Joseph Christiansen Called as President

1892 August–1893 May See Missionaries

Christian "C.N." Nielson Lund Sr. Called as President

1896 May–1898 May See Missionaries

Joseph George Christensen Called as President

1898 May 19–September 19 See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission home located at Korsgade 11, Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Anthon Lorenzo Skanchy Called as President

1901 April–1904 December See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1905 July 1

Mission Split

1905 July 1

The Swedish Mission was created and the Scandinavian Mission was renamed the Danish-Norwegian Mission. 

Scandinavian (1850 - 1905) Profile
President Smith on a Visit to Scandinavia
James Morten Peterson and James Monsen missionary companions
Presidents Carlquist and Christiansen
Aalborg Konference 1900
Missionaries in Scandinavia
Aalborg Konference 1901