Swiss and German

Alternate Names
Swiss-German Mission, Swiss-Austrian Mission
1868 January 1
1938 January 1

Since missionary work was not progressing in Italy, at the beginning of 1868 the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission was changed into the Swiss and German Mission. Thirty years later the mission split into the Swiss Mission and the German Mission. Those two recombined on 22 May 1904 to become the Swiss-German Mission. It was renamed the Swiss-Austrian Mission briefly in 1938 before becoming the Swiss Mission once more in November of that year.

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Joseph Smith Horne Called as President

1868 January 1–June 12 See Missionaries

Mission Founded

1868 January 1

Edward Schoenfeld Called as President

1869 October–1872 May See Missionaries

Johannes Huber Called as President

1872 May–1874 June See Missionaries

John Ulrich Stucki Called as President

1874 April–1876 June See Missionaries

Jacob Heinrich Flamm Called as President

1877–1879 See Missionaries

Johannes Alder Called as President

1881 May–1882 May See Missionaries

Peter Frederick Goss Called as President

1882 April–1883 August See Missionaries

John Quayle Cannon Called as President

1883 July–1884 June See Missionaries

John Jacob Scharrer Called as President

1891 June–1894 February See Missionaries

Johann Heinrich Stocker Called as President

1894 February 7–May 1 See Missionaries

Serge Frederick Ballif Called as President

1905 March–1909 April See Missionaries

Thomas Evans McKay Called as President

1909 January–1912 February See Missionaries

Hyrum Washington Valentine Called as President

1911 December–1916 November See Missionaries

Headquarters Move

1912 September

Mission home HQ located Hoschgasse 68, Zurich, Switzerland moved to Rheinlanderstrasse 10, Basel, Switzerland.

Friedrich Wilhelm Tadje Called as President

1923 March–1925 August See Missionaries

Hugh Jenne Cannon Called as President

1925 June–1928 May See Missionaries

Francis Salzner Called as President

1931 September–1935 July See Missionaries

Philemon Merrill Kelly Called as President

1935 March–1937 December See Missionaries

Mission Closed

1938 January 1
Stuttgart Conference
Plauen Conference
Zurich Conference
Dresden Conference
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