Modern Scripture

The faith of Latter-day Saints around the world rests on a foundation of modern scripture revealed through Joseph Smith. As a divinely appointed prophet, seer, revelator, and translator, Joseph Smith introduced new volumes of scripture that stand alongside the Bible as witnesses of Jesus Christ.
Book of Mormon Original Manuscript (1829)
This page from the original Book of Mormon manuscript contains the story of Nephi trying to obtain the brass plates from Laban, found today in 1 Nephi 4:2–24.
Book of Mormon Printer’s Manuscript (1829)
Because 116 pages of the Book of Mormon manuscript had been lost a year earlier, Joseph and his associates were wary about the manuscript's safety.
Book of Mormon First Edition (1830)
The Book of Mormon was published in March 1830 in Palmyra, New York, under the direction of printer Egbert B. Grandin.
Book of Mormon Liverpool Edition (1841)
This copy of the Book of Mormon belonged to Mercy R. Fielding Thompson. It bears a note by her descendants that on the morning of June 24, 1844, her husband, Hyrum Smith, read from it before leaving Nauvoo with his brother Joseph for Carthage, Illinois.
Book of Commandments (1833)
The Book of Commandments was the first effort to publish in book form early revelations received by the Prophet Joseph Smith.
Doctrine and Covenants First Edition (1835)
The Doctrine and Covenants was the second effort to publish in book form revelations received by Joseph Smith.
Egyptian Papyrus Fragment (Second Century B.C.)
In 1835 the Church acquired papyrus scrolls that had recently been discovered in Egypt.
Book of Abraham Facsimile Printing Plates (1842)
This lead plate was engraved by Reuben Hedlock as part of the printing of the book of Abraham in the Church’s newspaper The Times and Seasons.
Pearl of Great Price First Edition (1851)
Joseph Smith published two accounts of the First Vision during his lifetime. The first of these, known today as Joseph Smith—History, was canonized in the Pearl of Great Price and thus became the most well-known account.