What to Expect When You Visit the Cove Fort Historic Site

Cove Fort is now open for tours. COVID 19 visitor information Updates

Cove Fort Historic Site welcomes visitors year-round and is located approximately 30 miles south of Fillmore, Utah. The rock fort was built in 1867 and protected telegraph lines and travelers on the road between Salt Lake City and settlements further south. Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called families to manage the fort and ranch, and these families made Cove Fort their home. Their legacy of sacrifice and service can still be felt today.

Missionaries guide tours of the fort and surrounding buildings at no charge. If you choose to experience all that Cove Fort offers, plan to spend between 1 and 1½ hours there. Most of the fort is accessible to visitors with disabilities, although some historic doorways are too narrow to accommodate most wheelchairs. Shaded picnic tables, a large grassy area, and public restrooms are available.

What to See at Cove Fort Historic Site

1. Ira N. Hinckley Log Home

Experiences at Cove Fort often begin with the restored Ira N. Hinckley home. Ira Hinckley and his family lived in this home in Coalville, Utah, when he was called to build the fort. The log home has been dismantled and reconstructed near the fort. Inside the home you can watch a film that tells the story of the fort’s unique construction and the devotion of the Hinckley family, who served those visiting the fort.

2. Cove Fort

The fort is across the street from the Ira N. Hinckley home. Inside the fort you can see re-creations of the telegraph office and a large kitchen, both of which were central to fort operations. You will also learn about the Hinckley family’s faith and sacrifice as they made the fort a warm and loving home for themselves and a place of rest and protection for travelers.

3. Garden, Blacksmith Shop, Corral, Barn, and Bunkhouse

Be sure to visit the garden, blacksmith shop, corral, barn, and bunkhouse. These reconstructed buildings and landscapes illustrate various aspects of work and life at the fort, including the operation of a ranch for livestock that had been tithed to the Church.

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