Gallery Programs

In addition to the interactive displays you’ll find in exhibits throughout the Church History Museum, keep an eye out for these fun, informal learning activities offered by our friendly docents. Ask the information desk when you arrive to see what’s scheduled to be on during your visit.

Activity Carts

Activity carts are mobile, interactive learning centers where you can reach out and touch the past. Pick up a replica of the Golden Plates, fold a signature of the first 16 pages of the first edition of the Book of Mormon, try your hand at wood graining techniques used by pioneer craftsmen, and more.


Spotlights are short, unscheduled presentations highlighting some of our favorite artwork and artifacts here at the museum. During your visit, ask any of our friendly docents to share one of the following stories:

  • More Precious Than Gold: Small objects can sometimes tell the biggest stories. Learn about one of our smallest artifacts in this five-minute presentation.
  • The Day That Time Stood Still: Watches usually help us know what time it is in the present. Two watches at the museum, however, help us learn about a particular event in the past.
  • Growing Light: The story of Mary Elizabeth Rollins. Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Almost 200 years ago, Mary Elizabeth Rollins found one. A beautiful painting by Elspeth Young helps tell her story.
  • Zion’s Camp: A thimble lesson. In 1834, more than 200 men, women, and children embarked on a 900-mile journey from Ohio and Michigan to western Missouri to try to reclaim the homes of their friends and family members. Come learn about a small thimble that also made the trip.
  • Red Handkerchief: Witness to a miracle. In 1839, a father approached Joseph Smith and asked the Prophet to heal his five-month-old twins, who were close to death. Learn how Joseph Smith responded to this man’s request.
  • Wilford Woodruff Family Treasures: The stories of family treasures connect us to the people whose memories they preserve. Come and see some prized possessions of Wilford Woodruff and his wife Phebe; their stories will inspire you.

Gallery Talks

Gallery talks are 15-minute interactive presentations held in the galleries that dive deeper into the stories of some of the key men, women, artifacts, and events in the history of the Church.

“The Song of the Righteous”

  • A 20-minute Gallery Talk in the Kirtland Temple room of “The Heavens Are Opened.” Hymn singing has always been a part of Latter-day Saint worship services, but it will surprise you to discover exactly which hymns the early Saints sang and how they sang them.

Joseph Smith: Prophet and Statesman

  • Learn about the first Mormon candidate for president of the United States, and cast your vote in one of history’s most important elections during this 20-minute Gallery Talk.

Smith Farm Panorama

  • Joseph Smith’s childhood farm was the site of many extraordinary, spiritual experiences; it was also a place where a large family worked, played, learned, and grew together. Learn about the Smith family’s lives and labors in this 20-minute interactive program.

"What-E’re Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part”

  • In 1898 a young missionary named David O. McKay discovered a carved stone bearing a message that changed his life. There may be more to this stone, however, than meets the eye. This 30-minute interactive Gallery Talk designed especially for children and families explores the lives of each of the Presidents of the Church.