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Mar. 17, 2022–Mar. 4, 2023
All Are Alike unto God
The 12th International Art Competition.
Nov. 2019–Dec. 2021
Sisters for Suffrage
How Utah Women Won the Vote
Mar. 14, 2019–Oct. 7, 2019
Meditations on Belief
11th International Art Competition
Nov. 2018–Mar. 2019
A Visual Journal: Artwork of Henry B. Eyring
May 2018–Feb. 2019
Light and Life: Stories and Photographs of a Global Faith.
May–Oct. 2018
Jorge Cocco Santangelo: Sacred Events from the Life of Christ
Nov. 2017–Apr. 2018
Joseph Paul Vorst: A Retrospective
May 2017–Oct. 2018
The Salt Lake Tabernacle Organ: Celebrating 150 Years
Nov 2016–Oct. 2017
Saints at Devil’s Gate: Landscapes along the Mormon Trail
Sep. 2016–Apr. 2017
A Legacy in the Making: The Paint Studies of Harry Anderson
Sep 2015–Jan. 2019
I’ll Walk Where Jesus Walked: An Art Space for Children
Feb.–Sep. 2014
Practicing Charity: Everyday Daughters of God
Jul. 2013–Oct. 2014
A Good Turn Daily: 100 Years of Scouting and the Aaronic Priesthood
Dec. 2012–Oct. 2014
Portraits of Childhood: Behold Your Little Ones
Jul. 2011–Jan. 2012
LeConte Stewart: The Soul of Rural Utah
Dec. 2009–Jun. 2011
Mi Vida, Mi Historia
Willie and Martin Remembered
Oct. 2003–Apr. 2004
Landscape and Life: The Rural Setting of the Latter-day Saints
Sep. 2003–Sep. 2004
Boyd K. Packer: The Lifework of an Amateur Artist
Jan.–Nov. 2003
Primary Makes Me Happy: A Celebration of 125 Years of Primary 1878–2003
Nov. 2002–Oct. 2003
With Every Stitch: Historic and Contemporary Samplers and Needlework
Apr.–Nov. 2002
Early Images of Historic Nauvoo
Apr.–Nov. 2002
Sutcliff Maudsley: Nauvoo Portrait Artist

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