With This Covenant in My Heart: The Art and Faith of Minerva Teichert

Open July 6, 2023, through July 27, 2024

Showcasing 45 original paintings by Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert (1888–1976), this exhibition places Teichert’s artwork into the context of her richly layered life, highlighting her spiritual motivations and devotion to God. Come explore an immersive timeline of the artist’s life, listen to audio of her telling her own story, and step into a recreation of the living room studio on a ranch in Cokeville, Wyoming, where she painted her large murals tacked to the wall. Hands-on artmaking and other activities make this exhibition an engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

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A Covenant Heart

The exhibition is organized around Teichert’s account of falling ill during the 1918 influenza pandemic. This illness led Teichert to a pivotal experience. She later reflected:

“My sister and I were both so near death . . . It seemed I was sinking so fast when I thot of prayer. I thot of my years of study and so far I had done nothing with my art education. Suddenly I was keenly sensitive. I promised the Lord if I’d finished my work and he’d give me some more I’d gladly do it. With this covenant in my heart I began to live.”

Teichert recovered and fulfilled her promise, living with a covenant in her heart to do the work God gave her and paint the things He put into her mind.

Preserving Minerva Teichert's Murals