Gilbert Belnap


Early Member of the Church

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“I loved [Joseph Smith’s] company. The sound of his voice was music to my ears. His counsels were good; his theological reasoning was of God; his acts were exemplary and worthy of imitation; and, in his domestic circle, mild and forbearing, but resolute and determined in the accomplishment of a good work. Although opposed by the combined powers of earth and hell, by the inspiration of God he restored the gospel to the earth, organized the Holy Priesthood, consecrated the land of Zion, planted a great city, gathered his thousands around him, and laid the foundation of a mighty work. At the same time he endured the most unparalleled persecution of any man in the history of our country. Like one of old, his arms were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob” (“The Prophet’s Natal Day,” Improvement Era, Dec. 1903, 140; punctuation and capitalization modernized).