Lucy W. Kimball


Wife of Apostle Heber C. Kimball

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“We marvel at the wonderful work he [Joseph] accomplished during his brief life. From the time God heard his humble prayer, and suffered him in vision to behold His face, Satan with all his hosts was arrayed against him. Contempt, reproach and ridicule were poured in black profusion o’er his youthful head as if to blast the bud of character—to wither reputation, ere it could be strengthened by maturing years. But what availed the malice of the world with him? He’d seen a heavenly vision, and heard the voice of the eternal God who cannot lie; and all the powers of darkness, speaking through the human tongue, could never teach him to unknow what he authentically knew. ‘His eyes had seen, his ears had heard, he’d felt the power of the Great Eternal One’” (in “Joseph Smith, the Prophet,” Young Woman’s Journal, Dec. 1905, 548).