Jane Snyder Richards


Wife of Apostle Franklin D. Richards

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“[Joseph Smith’s] was one of the most engaging personalities it has ever been my good fortune to meet. As Prophet he seemed to understand, and was able to foretell the mysteries of the future with a marked degree of accuracy, and nearly as much readiness as the ordinary individual could relate the happenings of the past. As Seer and Revelator he was fearless and outspoken, yet humble, never considering that he was more than the mouth-piece, through whom God spoke. As the Leader of his people he was ever active and progressive but always modest and considerate of them and their trying circumstances. Socially he was an ideal of affability and always approachable to the humblest of his acquaintances” (in “Joseph Smith, the Prophet,” Young Woman’s Journal, Dec. 1905, 550).