Heber J. Grant

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Heber J. Grant, Seventh President of the Church

Born on November 22, 1856, in Salt Lake City, Heber J. Grant was raised by his widowed mother, Rachel Grant. By the time he was 15, he had begun a successful business career and had been ordained to the office of Seventy. Ten years later, he was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, where he served for 37 years. After becoming Church President on November 23, 1918, he dedicated three new temples, developed the Welfare Program, and helped Latter-day Saints cope with the tragedy of World War II. His business experience enabled him to modernize Church organizations and procedures. His missionary efforts, including extensive speaking engagements and friendships with national business leaders, brought the Church to the attention of the nation. After 27 years as President, Heber J. Grant died in Salt Lake City on May 14, 1945.

Heber J. Grant Videos

Testimony of Heber J. Grant
In his own voice, President Heber J. Grant testifies that God will answer the prayers of those who seek a testimony of Joseph Smith and of the truthfulness of the restored gospel. (1:17)
Preparation of Heber J. Grant: A Revelation of His Apostleship
Heber J. Grant receives revelation confirming his call to the apostleship. (1:45)
Preparation of Heber J. Grant: A Young Stake President Learns Humility
Heber J. Grant tells of the humbling experiences of learning to speak in public and relying on the Spirit. (1:51)
Preparation of Heber J. Grant: Persistence and Tenacity
Heber tells of boyhood desires to play baseball and to write legibly. (1:59)
Ministry of Heber J. Grant: The Welfare Plan
During the Depression years, President Grant receives revelation regarding the implementation and practice of a program that would teach Church members self-reliance and care for the poor. (1:47)
Ministry of Heber J. Grant: He Brought Financial Stability to the Church
Heber J. Grant’s business expertise brings financial opportunities to the Church. (1:48)
Ministry of Heber J. Grant: A Missionary in Japan
Heber J. Grant is called to open and preside over the Japanese mission. (1:25)
Teachings of Heber J. Grant: A Yearning to Improve
President Grant teaches that persistence and tenacity are good but we need to be doing what God would have us do. (1:41)
Teachings of Heber J. Grant: Compassion for the Less Fortunate
Quiet acts of compassion mark the life of Heber J. Grant. (1:44)
Teachings of Heber J. Grant: The Lord’s Law of Financial Success
President Grant teaches members to pay an honest tithe and fast offering and stay out of debt. (1:55)

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