Howard W. Hunter

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Howard W. Hunter, 14th President of the Church

Born November 14, 1907, in Boise, Idaho, Howard William Hunter had a love for music in his youth. After high school, his band, Hunter’s Croonaders, toured for five months on the SS President Jackson, which gave him the opportunity to see many exotic sites in Asia. Upon his marriage to Clara May Jeffs in 1931, he gave up his music career in favor of a stable family life. President Hunter began to study law and became a successful lawyer in California. Various positions of priesthood leadership helped prepare him for his call to the apostleship in 1959. After 35 years as an Apostle, he became President of the Church on June 5, 1994, at age 86. During his short presidency, he challenged all members of the Church to become temple worthy, prior to a decade of increased temple building, and invited members who had become offended to come back to the Church. He traveled as often as his health would permit, dedicating two temples and commemorating the 150th anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith. He died March 3, 1995, in Salt Lake City.

Howard W. Hunter Videos

Testimony of Howard W. Hunter
President Howard W. Hunter testifies of the divine mission of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the Church. (1:05)
Preparation of Howard W. Hunter: Contributing to the Building Fund
As a young boy, Howard Hunter helps raise money for the new tabernacle in Boise. (0:51)
Preparation of Howard W. Hunter: Desire to Pass the Sacrament
Young Howard Hunter seeks permission of his nonmember father to be ordained a deacon. (1:10)
Preparation of Howard W. Hunter: Always Had a Testimony
Howard Hunter’s mother teaches him to be thankful and prayerful. (0:58)
Preparation of Howard W. Hunter: Adams Ward Young Adult Sunday School Class
The teachings of an inspired Sunday School instructor and the revelatory experience of a patriarchal blessing serve as spiritual guides for young Howard W. Hunter. (1:43)
Ministry of Howard W. Hunter: Love for the Temple
Howard W. Hunter’s parents join him at the Mesa Arizona Temple and there are sealed. (1:53)
Ministry of Howard W. Hunter: Putting the Lord First
In the face of life’s challenges, Howard W. Hunter puts the Lord first and acknowledges His blessings. (2:25)
Ministry of Howard W. Hunter: Love for the Holy Land
Howard W. Hunter is instrumental is solidifying relationships between the Church and Israel. Shortly thereafter, the BYU Jerusalem Center is built. (1:30)
Teachings of Howard W. Hunter: A Christ-centered Life
President Howard W. Hunter teaches that we must be about Heavenly Father’s work just as His Son exemplified. (1:35)
Teachings of Howard W. Hunter: Overcoming Adversity
President Howard W. Hunter faces adversity, placing faith in Christ and submitting to His will. (2:12)
Teachings of Howard W. Hunter: Every Member Temple-Worthy
Having been raised in a part-member family, Howard W. Hunter teaches of the importance of temple blessings in the lives of every member of the Church. (1:31)

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