Historic Sites Historic Site

    Early Sites of the Restoration

    Investigate places where Joseph Smith Jr. worked and played with family members. Ponder his divine calling as you experience places where he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and learned from the angel Moroni.

    Historic Sites in Ohio

    Experience Kirtland and Hiram, Ohio, where Joseph Smith received revelations to guide the growing Church. Learn about the places where the Lord taught Joseph about the kingdoms of glory, the Word of Wisdom, priesthood offices and keys, and other foundational truths.

    Historic Sites in Missouri

    Ponder the significance of the land that the Lord “appointed and consecrated for the gathering of the saints” (D&C 57:1). Discover principles the early Latter-day Saints learned as they struggled to establish Zion amid persecution.

    Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters

    Follow early Latter-day Saint pioneers on the many routes they took to the Salt Lake Valley. Learn about their travels by wagon, handcart, sailing ship, and train.

    Mormon Handcart Historic Sites

    Explore three places that have been made sacred by the faith and determination of Mormon pioneers, the charity of their rescuers, and God’s watchful care for all of them.

    Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

    This is a place of commemoration. Here, on December 23, 1805, Joseph Smith Jr. was born. Today a monument memorializes this man who is honored by millions of people around the world as a prophet of God.

    Cove Fort Historic Site

    Open the gate to Cove Fort. This unique home was once a peaceful stopping place for travelers.

    Tabernacle to Temple: Provo’s Legacy of Worship

    The Provo City Center Temple incorporates materials and designs from the Utah Stake Tabernacle that caught fire in 2010. Learn about the houses of worship that have been built on this city block since the 1850s.

    The St. George Tabernacle: United Effort in Southern Utah

    Learn about a building that has been at the center of a Latter-day Saint community since the 1860s. Catch a glimpse of the Saints’ efforts to construct and renovate the St. George Tabernacle.