Ann Mason

Birth Date
Circa 1844 (Born)
Death Date
On 1857 August 1 (Died)

Ann was the daughter of Biddy Mason and was an enslaved African American girl. The "John Brown's company of 10, report, 1848" only listed one person of color named "Ann." The Ann listed in the record was 11 years old and was enslaved by Robert M. Smith. It is important to note that in the "Mississippi company, report, 1848 May," Robert M. Smith had 10 enslaved people with him. Biddy's daughter Ann could have been indirectly listed there as "John Brown's company of 10" source only lists nine enslaved individuals belonging to Robert M. Smith.  

No primary source records have been located concerning her birth but indirect and secondary sources state and imply that she was born 1843-1844. 

The 1850 Census was actually taken in 1851. 

Delilah Beasley's book, The Negro Trail Blazers of California, cites a family bible which listed Ann's date of death. 

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