Elizabeth Ann Jones (1830 - 1908) Profile

Elizabeth Ann Guymon

Alternate Names
Elizabeth Ann Guymon (Married Name)
Elizabeth Ann Jones (Birth Name)
Birth Date
On 1830 February 12 (Born)
Death Date
On 1908 March 2 (Died)

The Guymon family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Aaron Johnson Company in 1850.  The family included Noah Guymon and children from his first wife Mary Jane, Lucinda Harris, and Emma Melissa; his second wife Margaret Elizabeth Johnson and their children Margaret Elizabeth and Martin Lewis; and his third wife, Elizabeth Ann Jones and their son William Albert.

Noah’s parents Thomas and Sarah Gordon, and his siblings Polly Ann and family, Barzilla and Family, and Melissa Jane were also in the company.

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Elizabeth Ann Jones (1830 - 1908) Profile
Elizabeth Ann Jones (1830 - 1908) Profile