Paul Augustus Schettler

Paul A. Schettler joined the Church in New York, and was baptized by Elder George Q. Cannon on February 9, 1860. He soon had a desire to join the saints gathering in the Salt Lake Valley.  His brother, Bernard H. Schettler, records in his journal that Paul left New York in May, 1860. He was assigned to the Murphy Company in Florence (Omaha), Nebraska, and served as the Clerk of that company.

On April 21, 1861, Paul was called to be one of the first missionaries to Holland. Brigham Young asked the new missionaries to travel with a supply train which left on April 23. Zebulon Jacobs records in his diary that Paul is the clerk of this eastbound company.  Bernard H. Schettler also records that he met his brother in Florence, in the later part of June of that year, and notes that Paul is going on a mission to Holland. He returned from his mission in 1864, with a few other returning missionaries and Church leaders. Bernard reports that his brother is back in the Salt Lake Valley in 1864 acting as the city treasurer.

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