1888 June 17
No dates given.

Samuela Manoa and Kimo Pelio were the first missionaries sent to Samoa from Hawaii by Walter Murray Gibson. They served for almost fifteen years, until Pelio's death, when Manoa wrote to Hawaii for help. Joseph and Flora Dean were sent to assist them and in 1888 and the Samoan Mission was officially organized.

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Mission Founded

1888 June 17

Mission Organized

1888 June 17

Joseph H. and Flora R. Dean arrived in Samoa from the Hawaiian Mission and officially organized the Samoan Mission. 

Meetinghouse Built

1888 October 27

A new meetinghouse was completed on Aunuu.

William Orme Lee Called as President

1890 August–1892 February See Missionaries

George Emmett Browning Sr. Called as President

1892 February–1893 November See Missionaries

Ransom Marion Stevens Called as President

1892 March–1894 April See Missionaries

Olonzo David Merrill Called as President

1892 April–1895 August See Missionaries

Alfred Morton Durham Called as President

1893–1897 See Missionaries

Orrin Orlando Barrus Called as President

1893 August–1896 December See Missionaries

John Waldemar Beck Called as President

1895 March–1896 April See Missionaries

Ernest Wright Called as President

1896 March–1899 May See Missionaries

William Lorenzo Worsencroft Called as President

1896 December–1900 February See Missionaries

Headquarters Move


Mission home located at Pasega, Apia, Upolu, Samoa.

Joseph Harris Merrill Called as President

1901 November–1903 January See Missionaries

William Alfred Moody Called as President

1908 February–1910 September See Missionaries

Don Carlos McBride Called as President

1909 June–1912 February See Missionaries

Mission Split

1916 July

The Tongan Mission was officially organized from a division of the Samoan Mission. 

Willard Augustus Keith Called as President

1916–1920 See Missionaries

John Quincy Adams Called as President

1919 December–1923 November See Missionaries

Ernest Leroy Butler Called as President

1923 January–1927 February See Missionaries

Gilbert Randall Tingey Called as President

1937 May–1940 September See Missionaries

Wilford Woodruff Emery Called as President

1940 July–1943 June See Missionaries

Earl Stanley Paul Sr. Called as President

1951 April–1953 January See Missionaries
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