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General Church History
Resources and materials about the history of the Church in different eras of its movement and growth.
General Conference
Resources and material to assist in the study of General Conference. Including information on conference history, talks, music, buildings and a comprehensive FAQ.
Missions and Missionaries
Information and resources about Latter-day Saint missionaries, the missions in which they served, and the Church’s missionary program.
General Authorities of the Church
Information on the leadership history of the Church, with resources about general authorities past and present.
Family History
Latter-day Saint family and local history sources, including digital and web source, periodicals, published sources, journals, personal papers, membership records, databases, photos, and indexes.
Black Latter-day Saints
Introduction to selected Black Latter-day Saints and related historical materials from throughout the Church’s history.
Journal History of the Church
Information to assist in navigating the complex and important Journal History of the Church collection.
Latter-day Saint Woman’s Suffrage
Resources and materials to assist in a study of the suffrage movement in Utah and explore the involvement of Latter-day Saint women.
Perpetual Emigrating Fund
Information and resources to assist in researching the Perpetual Emigrating Fund (PEF).
Photograph Collections
Information and resources to assist in researching and navigating the Church History Library's extensive photograph collections.
Baptism and Confirmation Information in Early Records
Information to assist you in finding baptism and confirmation dates in early Church records with resources for your research.
Young Women Organization
Resources and information to assist in researching the Young Women organization.
Pioneer-Era Journals
Information and guidance on how to find pioneer journals.
Eliza R. Snow
A collection of resources and information to help you research the life and work of Eliza R. Snow, poet and second General President of the Relief Society.
Primary Organization
Information and resources for researching the history of the Primary.
Writing a Local Unit History
What resources are available in the Church History Library to assist with writing a branch, ward, mission, or stake history?
Church Meetinghouses
Resources for researching Latter-day Saint meetinghouse locations and histories
Local Unit Records
Sources and hints for researching individual Church units, such as wards, branches, stakes, and missions.
Relief Society Organization
Discover sources to inform your research about the Relief Society organization.
From its origins, the Church has always used sacred music to worship God. Learn about its hymns and hymn books here.
Priesthood Line of Authority
Researching a priesthood line of authority may involve consulting a variety of sources—find helpful suggestions here.
Young Men Organization
A guide to researching information about the Young Men organization in the Church History Library.
Latter-day Saint Women’s Diaries and Correspondence
Library collections to help you research women’s history through Latter-day Saint women’s diaries and correspondence.
Latin America Research Guide
Resources and materials about the history of the Church in Latin America.