Hannah Alice Hulme (1838 - 1896) Profile

Hannah Hulme

Alternate Names
Hannah Rollins (Married Name)
Birth Date
On 1838 November 24 (Born)
Death Date
On 1896 September 30 (Died)

Hannah, her father William, and her sister Alice emigrated from England in 1849. They sailed on the ship Hartley and arrived in New Orleans on April 28, 1849. William did not continue on to Utah, so Alice and Hannah were left to travel to the Valley by themselves. Upon their arrival in Salt Lake in 1850, Hannah went to live with the James H. Rollins family. She married him in March 1851, and then went with him to California.  She and her husband appear in the 1850 census (taken early in 1851) in Utah County with a company led by Charles Rich en route to southern California.  In this census Alice is listed under her maiden name of "Holmes."  The Rollins family returned to Utah in 1857.


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Hannah Alice Hulme (1838 - 1896) Profile
Hannah Alice Hulme (1838 - 1896) Profile